Europlanet JRA3 at University College London

Through this web site you will find web interfaces to several planetary models and data analysis tools (listed below) which have been web enabled as part of the Europlanet RI JRA3 project. This site is under continual development and we hope to add more models/data analysis tools at a later date; information and web links for planetary models and data analysis tools at other sites can be found through the Europlanet JRA3 Catalogue.

If you use any data generated by this site, you should credit both the developer (show in the introduction to each model/tool) and Europlanet.

Please note that this site is still being actively developed so there may be occasional outages and loss of data.


  • H3PCool - This program is designed to calculate the cooling by H³⁺ in an atmosphere consisting primarily of molecular hydrogen, H₂. (Developed by S. Miller)
  • MarTIM - Mars Thermosphere and Ionosphere Model is a 3D general circulation model of the Martian middle and upper atmosphere from 0.883 to 9.9x10⁻⁸ Pa. (This version developed by W. P. Nicholson)

Data Analysis Tools

  • VOISE - VOronoi Image SEgmentation (VOISE) is a dynamic algorithm for partitioning the underlying pixel grid of an image into regions according to a prescribed homogeneity criterion and is presently written in Matlab. (Developed by P. Guio)

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