Version 2.0.4 (23th April 2013)

Originally developed by T. Moffat-Griffin

Subsequently modified (and coupled to kinetic model) by W. P. Nicholson

Kinetic model provided by J. Lilenstein

MarTIM is University College Londons (UCL) Mars thermosphere and ionosphere general circulation model (GCM). It is a finite difference model, which solves the coupled non-linear Navier-Stokes equations of continuity and momentum as well as an energy equation. Calculations are conducted on a fixed co-rotating grid of variable size in the pressure coordinate system.

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MarTIM Configuration Options

Logic Switches for MarTIM

  1. : If true, couple the GCM to the Mars Climate Database at the lower boundary (0.883 Pa). Otherwise use an isothermal lower boundary at a constant geopotential height (60 km) and with zero winds at all latitude/longitude grid points.
  2. : If true, calculate the 3D diffusion and advection of the 4 neutral species included (CO₂, O, N₂, CO). Otherwise use a fixed neutral composition.
  3. : If true, switch on the CO₂ 15-µm cooling and solar IR heating. Otherwise solar EUV and UV only (and no CO₂ 5-µm cooling).

Seasonal and global simulation options

  1. :
  2. : % (16% to 23%)
  3. : ° (0.0° to 360.0°)
  4. : Days (between 5 and 20)
  5. : m²s⁻¹ (1000 to 2000 m²s⁻¹)

Switches to control the creation of output files from MarTIM

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Settings for when SW5 is true

  1. :
  2. : If true, use MCD volume mixing ratios for CO₂ and O in the CO₂ 15-𝞃m cooling routine. Otherwise use MarTIM's volume mixing ratios.
TransMars Kinetic Configuration Options

Region for the kinetic code to simulate

  1. Latitude/Longitude range for kinetic code to simulate: ° to °

Photoabsorption subroutine output options

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Boltzmann transport subroutine output options

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